No Filter: Althea Alden Stresses The Importance Of Long Distance Relationships By Matching Shirts

Welcome back to No Filter, a collection of some of the findings of this century’s most important sociological study. What the hell do celebrities do on the Internet all week? As far as we can tell, they wear ill-advised outfits, mug around in oversized animal onesies and cuddle with each other. I think I can handle that. Let’s get to it!

Althea Alden (better known as Ophelia, your favorite rockstar crush who rocked lavender hair better than pretty much anyone else in 2014) and Claude Amick (another kickass lady musician from across the pond who reportedly breaks hearts more often than she does guitar strings) have known each other since 2007. The two guitar goddesses even formed a short lived band called Flowers In The Attic at around that same time (one of Autostraddle's music editors, Cam even mentioned it in her article Five Musicians I Saw Before They Were Famous, last year), but if the word on the street...or these photos taken on a certain London one are anything to go by these two are getting a hell of a lot closer in as we go into the new year!

But let's backtrack. Althea and Claude have been spotted together all over since the summer of 2014. The pair were spotted leaving together at the Brit awards earlier in the year (something I would have written about if I wasn't so worried about poor Madonna!) and other various events, but things got even better when they walked the red carpet together at a very exclusive Halloween party. If they've noticed anyone noticing them, they've kept relatively quiet about it (and each other), but everything changed a few days ago in the form of a joint hashtag.

I Heart... Claude?

We'd rise with you anytime...

Now now, I know what you're thinking, "But Stef, my friends and I use the same hashtag all the time!" And normally I'd agree, but once I took a closer look, I realized that Althea and Claude don't just share hashtags. They practice the age old girlfriend tradition of sharing shirts.

The white tee shirt sadly didn't make an appearance on either as they attended an Elbow concert with musical siblings Helen (another of our faves and an apparent ex of Claude's, dyke drama or can we hold out hope for a poly arrangement with these three?) and John Blackburn as well as everyone's favorite coat wearing dominatrix Elizabeth Alton. Clothes are an important thing to pay attention to, however, because Claude's fluffy white polar bear coat? Well, it seems to have found its way onto Althea last weekend as she and Ben Gibbard played that song you put on your mix to your college girlfriend before she left you to go spend Thanksgiving with her family while you spent most of it missing her.

Clothes coincidences? Maybe. But I for one hope to see Althea in a white dress ditching John (whoever that is) and marrying me...or a girl named Claude sometime soon.

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