pb: lea seydoux
vocal claim: anna calvi
gmt, 3rd person storybook
adult or ftb (scenes)
open to plotting

date of birth 10th August, 1983
nationality German-British
astrology Leo sunbold, loyal, idealistic / Cancer moonmoody, sensitive, creative
personality MBTI: INFPartistic, intuitive, careless / RHETI: 4w5expressive, temperamental, individual
hometown Berlin
residence London / Paris
occupation Musician
record label Domino
sexuality Gay
claude amick
born to two gregarious (is there any other sort?) german classical musicians, claudia entered the world around the same time as moz tried to take it over. of course, being german, vegetarianism and veganism weren't going to factor into the amick family diet at any point in time. they did, however, move to england in pursuit of better job opportunities. with a kid in tow, it was difficult to do anything other than the odd friday night, but they managed fine enough.

surrounded by music from the age she was, it was only natural that claudia (or claude, as she stated at 5 she wanted to be called due to claudia being too girly) found it in just about anything she touched. there was only so much cutlery percussion her parents could stand before they bought her a violin for her sixth birthday. not really ones to follow tradition and get her lessons, they gave it to her with a cd of handel's sonatas played on violin and let her do whatever she wanted to do with it.

it was magic, to be honest. she was adept to it right away, often playing her violin like it was a guitar (something she would go on to do in reverse when she started to make her own music), and found joy in nothing else. she picked up the guitar the following year. the piano came after that, drawn to the synthetic sound of new order and fascinated by the fact something so similar could sound so incredibly different.

at 15, she bought her very first fender. the one she still uses to this day. joining various bands along the way as a lead or rhythm guitarist (occasionally subbing to the sleater-kinney way of no bass being no sacrifice if you had your guitar tuned right). at 17, she realised she liked women as much as she liked guitars and went to study classical music and music theory in glasgow, returning to london two years later with a black head of hair in the style of pj harvey.

it wasn't until her early-mid 20's she started to make her own music. the band she was with at the time disbanded and she fell into the ever-growing list of unemployed youth in the uk. while trying for the jobs she could, jamming equally as much, she decided not to let the time go to waste and started to build her own studio in her parents attic. she'd never sung a note before in her life until being inspired by a woman that could play like hendrix and sing at the very same time, at which point she decided to carve and mold herself into anything she wanted to be.

it worked somehow. at an accidental open mic in 2009, a producer approached her afterwards, told her he liked her "james dean swagger" and gave her the opportunity to sign a small record deal. difficult as it was for claude to put her feelings into words, she found it even harder to put words to her files of layered mp3s but managed after seeing dali's christ of st john of the cross for the first time in years. believing art and dreams to be the soul's innermost unconscious desires, she used it to get started on her first record.

5 years later, she's just released her sophomore album and is embarking on her biggest european tour yet. personal life? it's in the works, but she doesn't let it bother her much. one of the perks of being a rock star is the groupies, right?

albums (2011) CLAUDE "Rider to the Sea" 2:40 • "No More Words" 3:51 • "Desire" 3:51 • "Suzanne & I" 4:11 • "First We Kiss" 3:05 • "The Devil" 4:34 • "Blackout" 4:05 • "I'll Be Your Man" 3:10 • "Morning Light" 4:13 • "Love Won't Be Leaving" 5:37 (2013) ONE BREATH "Suddenly" 3:34 • "Eliza" 3:38 • "Piece by Piece" 3:16 • "Cry" 2:54 • "Sing to Me" 4:01 • "Tristan" 2:42 • "One Breath" 4:43 • "Love of My Life" 3:06 • "Carry Me Over" 5:27 • "Bleed Into Me" 3:41 • "The Bridge" 2:08

EP's (2014) STRANGE WEATHER "Papi Pacify (MZRHEE)" 4:22 • "I’m the Man, That Will Find You (Connan Mockasin) – ft. David Byrne" 4:56 • "Ghost Rider (Suicide)" 2:42 • "Strange Weather (Keren Ann) – featuring David Byrne" 5:32 • "Lady Grinning Soul (David Bowie)"

SINGLES (2010) JEZBEL "Jezebel" • "Moulinette"

(2011) BLACKOUT "Blackout" • "Surrender"

(2011) DESIRE "Desire" • "Joan of Arc"

(2011) SUZANNE & I "Suzanne & I" • "Baby It's You"

(2012) JEZEBEL (VERSION FRANçAISE) Jezebel (Version Française)" • "Wolf Like Me"

(2013) ELIZA "Eliza" • "A Kiss To Your Twin"

(2013) ONE BREATH BONUS 7" "Endless World" • "1970's Wind"

(2013) SUDDENLY "Suddenly" • "Fire"

COVERS & COLLABORATIONS sound & vision (david bowie cover) ‬ ● naughty girl (beyonce) ‬ ● heart of nowhere (w/ noah and the whale) ‬ ● the wall (the invisible) ‬ ● foxy lady (hendrix) ‬ ● the crying game (boy george) ‬ ● the way young lovers do (jeff buckley) ‬ ● satisfied mind (jeff buckley ) ‬ ● lady grinning soul (bowie) ‬ ● falling back (w/ marianne faithfull)

AS CELLAR DOOR new york ‬ ● broadway show ‬ ● 54th ‬ ● deeper in love ‬ ● house fire ‬ ● high‬ ● storms ‬ ● love of fiction

➥ her influences are: jeff buckley, david bowie, angelo badalamenti, candy darling, elvis, edith piaf, and ennio morricone.

➥ has four tattoos, "lítost" which roughly translates to regret in czech beneath her left breast, a sparrow at the right side of her rib cage, the red string of fate around her left forearm, and the 'bowie' blackstar on the left of her ribcage, an edna st vincent millay line on her hip.

➥ comes from two generations of musicians and artists, though her parents gave up on their practical abilities to study and become psychotherapists. it paid better.

➥ has synesthesia. often when she looks at art, she'll hear music or vice versa, when creating or listening to music, she'll see images. words and people also have an aura to them. her parents have always made a habit of telling their peers about it, as if it makes her more special. while she does feel special and very lucky to be that way, she's not a fan of people talking about it.

➥ the only reason she bought a fender telecaster as a teenager was because of jeff buckley. it's not from a particularly special year, but it's become her best friend and oftentimes her solace. (she also owns two other telecasters and a baritone gretsch, all of which are part of her touring gear.)

➥ prefers to keep her music as organic as possible, using little to no pedals on her live board. recording it's different, she'll play around with anything she can get her hands on, but for the most part it's her and her guitar, played like an orchestra rather than a single instrument. has also developed her own unique circular strumming pattern that gives her music a particular stamp.

➥ has never been in a relationship, nor has she ever wanted to be. monogamy is a concept she doesn't particularly buy into for everybody, but her views sometimes anger her. for the past fifteen years she's also kept what she calls her fuck book a journal of mostly nameless verses about the numerous women she's slept with over the years, which sort of makes her dick but she knows that already.

➥ she's a stickler for vintage fashion, preferring to wear it more often than not.

➥ obsessed with visuals, she cites david lynch, gus van sant, and ingmar bergman as some of her favourite directors. similarly obsessed with old hollywood, she's seen just about every film bette davis has ever taken a part in.

➥ lives by the grace jones lyric, "feeling like a woman, looking like a man."