Rue Laffitte . 1h
leztat elle commence avec le chat dans le miroir 🎶 🐱 truly my alter ego, looking at herself when there's a naked german taking her photo from the tub. (listening to: lore podcast)

umbongos Is that the Belle cup you nicked from Ivy?

grantma @umbongos nah bet she bought it herself.

leztat @grantma get bent and @umbongos yes, but technically she gave it to me. i'm doing her a favour. shame they don't make jafar ones, really. she needs a proper idol.

grantma hnnnnnnnnnngnah

leztat @grantma you sound like the neanderthal you are right now.

grantma you sound like a bitch all the time.

leztat @grantma 💘

grantma 💘

grantma why is your toothbrush green

aladdinapickle The Prodigal son has returned! We must get coffee. Congratulations re: the Vuitton contract!

leztat @grantma why is your face so terrifying?

leztat @aladdinapickle cheers, jere! are you in paris? give me a whatsapp if so. we'll sort out some breakfast.

grantma your mum hasn't complained!!!!

leztat @grantma because of that i'm not going to tell you about the sex dream i had about you. goodbye.

grantma i. wait. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.

aladdinapickle @leztat Shall do! x

grantma annnd then she disappears after giving me a boner

leztat @grantma i was under the impression that was a toothpick in your pocket. it's also 11pm here and i'm twatted. i'll tell you so you can wank one off next time porn hub goes down.

grantma too late

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