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leztat #tbt "after everything that's happened, how can the world still be so beautiful? because it is."

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ihitsthings atwood! miss youuuu.

leztat @ihitsthings oui oui oui. only book i've read (as of yet), but seems fitting. hel gave me one too but i've not started on it. miss you so much. x

leztat ALSO i shall be sort of vaguely england bound for a bit (germany. counts when you remember the queen is german. spits.) and i shall be booking studio time so i'll give you a bell before i descend.

baeberawindsor Does this mean we're getting music?!

leztat @baeberawindsor i'd like not to put all my eggs in the basket that is my busy mind but we can hope!

cremecaramel The fact this photo goes so well with the one you have as your icon is the gayest thing. #lesbiansofinstagram (DON'T HIT ME 😜)

leztat @cremecaramel 👊🏻😏

cremecaramel Aren't you left-handed????!

leztat @cremecaramel i'm ambidextrous. 🖖

ihitsthings that joke never ages

leztat i j k r. they may take our lezzie bars but may they never take our staple lezzie jokes

cremecaramel @ihitsthings @leztat Remember when autostraddle gays said lesbians don't scissor? How did we get from that to this??

leztat @cremecaramel tumblr. i scissor so much i should be on art attack

cremecaramel 🙏🏻

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