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Belleville . 1d
claude whenever you're unsure of where your home is, remember to keep your eyes peeled. the universe will give you a sign.

brianjames68 I have seen videos from Croatia and I have to say, Claude, you continue to surprise us! I simply cannot wait to see you in London this summer.

darthkass 😂

anjelicah the song of the the replacements "androgynous" is how i think of you you are so beautiful feminine and masculine also, lots of love from rome

lydiadetailz I'VE SEEN THIS TOO. search for it on facebook. x

claude @lydiadetailz "sara, i don't have facebook." - pretentious hipster, 2k16.

lydiadetailz 2k16 - pretentious hipster, facebook.

cietdoke ha! stop fist effing and give us a new album!

grantma note: you did actually sit on my shoulders to take this. i deserve credit.

ibanez88 how does the new ophelia's signature play?

claude @ibanez88 silky smooth. her action isn't dire and she's not too wide in the neck. easy on the fingers. x

babylionl0ve 😳

ibanez88 @claude thanks! i am looking forward to hopefully getting a chance to play it! btw, love your style.

novirginia Next album title? 😛

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